Tap/Jazz Combination

Ages 5-7

Dive deeper into the world of dance with our Tap/Jazz Combination Class, tailored for young dancers aged 5 to 7. This one-hour class, split evenly between tap and jazz, builds on the foundational skills learned in earlier classes, offering a more focused exploration of each style.

Why Choose This Class?

– Balanced Dance Education: Each 30-minute segment is dedicated to one dance style—tap or jazz—providing ample time to learn and practice the unique techniques and rhythms of each.

– Progressive Learning: Ideal for students transitioning from our tiny tot classes, this combination class reinforces dance fundamentals while introducing more complex routines suitable for their age and growing capabilities.

– Enhanced Coordination and Rhythm: Focusing on tap and jazz helps enhance coordination, timing, and musicality, crucial elements that benefit any young dancer.

Class Details:

– Duration: 1 hour (30 minutes Tap, 30 minutes Jazz)
– Instructor: Expert instructors with a passion for teaching young talent.
– Location: Grand Island, NY
– Attire: Comfortable clothing for dance, tap shoes for the tap segment, and jazz shoes for the jazz portion.

Get Started:

Is your child ready to tap and swing into the next level of their dance journey? Enroll in our Tap/Jazz Combination Class today! Contact us for more details on registration.Let your child’s dance skills flourish with Step in Time Dance Studios!

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