Tiny Tot Tap

Tiny Tot Tap & Pre-Ballet Combination Class

Ages 3-5

Welcome to the magical world of dance! Our Tiny Tot Tap and Pre-Ballet Combination class is the perfect introduction to the rhythms of tap and the grace of ballet for young children aged 3 to 5. This 45-minute class is designed to engage little dancers by making their first steps in dance both fun and educational.

Why Choose This Class?

– Introduction to Multiple Dance Styles: Starting with tap and ballet, this class provides a gentle introduction to the basics of each style and also touches on elements of jazz. It’s a delightful way for your child to explore different forms of dance and discover their preferences and talents early on.

– Age-Appropriate Groups: Understanding that every child is unique, we initially group students by age to ensure comfort and compatibility. As they grow in confidence and ability, children may be moved to different groups based on their readiness and skill level, allowing for a tailored learning experience that caters to their developmental needs.

– Developmental Benefits: Dance at an early age can significantly enhance coordination, rhythm, socialization, and listening skills. Our experienced instructors are skilled at nurturing these abilities in a fun, supportive, and safe environment.

Class Details:

– Duration: 45 minutes

– Instructor: Our team of experienced dance professionals specializes in early childhood dance education.

– Location: Grand Island, NY

– Attire: Comfortable clothing suitable for movement, tap shoes, and ballet slippers.

Get Started:

Ready to let your child step into the enchanting world of dance? Join our Tiny Tot Tap and Pre-Ballet class today! For registration details and more information, please contact us or visit our registration page.

Let your little ones dance their way into a world of imagination and fun with Step in Time Dance Studios!

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