Solos & Duets

Solos & Duets

At Step in Time Dance Studios, we offer the opportunity for solo and duet performances, allowing dancers to showcase their skills and progress in a more personalized setting. These performances are designed for students who have demonstrated exceptional abilities and commitment to their dance education.

Eligibility Criteria:

– Instructor Approval: Participation in solo and duet performances is at the sole discretion of the instructor, based on the student’s demonstrated abilities and dedication.

– Enrollment Requirements: The student must be currently enrolled in the same type of class as the intended solo performance.

– Additional Ballet Requirement: Students must also be enrolled in a ballet class to qualify for solo or duet performances.

Why Choose Solos & Duets?

– Personalized Focus: Allows dancers to receive focused instruction and attention, enhancing their skills through personalized choreography.

– Skill Enhancement: Provides an excellent opportunity for dancers to refine their technique and performance skills.

– Showcase Talent: Offers a platform for students to highlight their talents and achievements in front of an audience, fostering confidence and artistic expression.

Get Started:

Interested in exploring the possibility of a solo or duet? Speak with your instructor to discuss your readiness and potential for a solo or duet performance.Step into the spotlight at Step in Time Dance Studios!

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