Ages 5-7

Introduce your child to the beautiful world of ballet with our Pre-Ballet class, tailored for young dancers aged 5 to 7. This 45-minute class focuses on nurturing a love for ballet through creative movement and foundational skills, in a playful yet structured environment.

Why Choose This Class?

– Introduction to Ballet: Children will learn basic ballet positions and terminology, setting the stage for a solid ballet foundation as they progress in their dance education.

– Creative and Fun: Without the use of the barre, our approach to teaching ballet emphasizes creativity and enjoyment, encouraging children to express themselves through dance.

– Developmental Benefits: Ballet training is known for improving physical coordination, balance, and discipline. Our Pre-Ballet class also helps in developing spatial and body awareness, along with musicality.

Class Details:

– Duration: 45 minutes
– Instructor: Passionate instructors with expertise in ballet and early childhood education.
– Location: Grand Island, NY
– Attire: Comfortable ballet attire and ballet slippers.

Get Started:

Is your child ready to discover the art of ballet? Enroll in our Pre-Ballet class today! Contact us for more details on registration and to learn more about our program.Let your child’s journey into dance begin with grace and fun at Step in Time Dance Studios!

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