Mommy & Me Dance

Mommy & Me Dance Class

Discover the joy of dancing together with our Mommy & Me Dance Class! This unique class is designed for young dancers to experience the fun and structure of a dance class with the comfort and security of having mommy right there alongside them. The class focuses on basic tap dancing and limitless creative movement activities that both mommy and child can enjoy together.

Why Choose This Class?

– Bonding Experience: Enjoy a special bonding time with your child, sharing the joy of dance and movement in a supportive and joyful environment.

– Introduction to Dance: It’s a gentle introduction to the world of dance for young children, helping them build confidence and basic motor skills through fun and engaging activities.

– Creative Expression: Encourages creativity and expression through movement, allowing both parent and child to explore dance in a playful and relaxed setting.

Class Details:

– Duration: Classes are available in 30-minute and 45-minute sessions.
– Instructor: Led by instructors who specialize in early childhood dance education and are skilled at creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.
– Location: Grand Island, NY
– Attire: Comfortable clothing suitable for movement for both mommy and child.

Get Started:

Are you ready to tap and twirl with your little one? Enroll in our Mommy & Me Dance Class today! Contact us for more details on registration and class schedules.Join us for a fun-filled exploration of dance at Step in Time Dance Studios!

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