Ages 7 years & up

Explore the dynamic and diverse world of Jazz dance at Step in Time Dance Studios! Jazz dance is a vibrant art form with deep roots in African American vernacular traditions and Caribbean influences. Our Jazz classes, suitable for students aged 7 and above, offer a blend of both historical and modern styles, celebrating this genre’s rich heritage and ongoing evolution.

Why Choose This Class?

– Rich Historical Roots: Learn about the origins of Jazz dance, from its early days as a form of African American vernacular dance to the emergence of modern Jazz dance in the 1950s, influenced by Caribbean traditional dance.

– Versatility and Technique: Jazz dance is known for its expressive movements and rhythmic body control. Our classes focus on technique as well as the freedom of expression that is fundamental to Jazz.

– Cultural Impact: Jazz dance has made a significant impact on the global dance scene and continues to be a popular and influential style worldwide. Our curriculum respects its history while embracing contemporary innovations.

Class Details:

– Duration: 1 hour standard classes with options for extended sessions.
– Instructor: Experienced instructors who specialize in Jazz and are passionate about teaching both the technical skills and the historical context of this dance form.
– Location: Grand Island, NY
– Attire: Comfortable clothing that allows for fluid movement and jazz shoes.

Get Started:

Ready to swing and move with the rhythms of Jazz? Join our Jazz dance classes today! Contact us for more details on registration and to find out about our class schedules.Discover the excitement and energy of Jazz with Step in Time Dance Studios!

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