Contemporary Dance

Ages 7 years and up

Step in Time Dance Studios is proud to offer Contemporary dance classes for dancers aged 7 years and older. This dance form emphasizes a whole-body approach, incorporating elements of flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness. Our classes are designed to nurture freedom of expression through movement, blending various dance techniques and styles.

Why Choose This Class?

– Whole-Body Approach: Our contemporary dance classes focus on developing each aspect of the dancer’s body, promoting flexibility, strength, and coordination.

– Artistic Expression: Contemporary dance allows dancers to explore their artistic side, expressing thoughts and emotions through unique and dynamic movements.

– Versatile Dance Skills: This style incorporates elements from various dance genres, giving students a broad and adaptable dance skill set.

Class Details:

– Duration: Available in 45-minute, 1-hour, and extended session formats.
– Instructor: Taught by experienced dance instructors who specialize in contemporary styles and are passionate about artistic expression.
– Location: Grand Island, NY
– Attire: Comfortable, flexible clothing suitable for a wide range of movements.

Get Started:

Are you ready to express yourself through the art of Contemporary dance? Join our classes today! Contact us for more details on registration and to learn more about our class schedules.Explore the expressive potential of dance at Step in Time Dance Studios!

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