Ages 5 to 10 years

Introducing Flip-Hop, a Step in Time Dance Studios original! This unique class combines the excitement of tumbling with age-appropriate music and clean, fun hip-hop dancing. Designed for young dancers aged 5 to 10, Flip-Hop is the perfect class for kids who want to move, groove, and flip all in one session.

Why Choose This Class?

– Unique Combination: Flip-Hop merges the energetic movements of hip-hop with the fundamentals of tumbling, offering a creative and dynamic way for children to express themselves through dance.

– Engaging and Fun: Set to age-appropriate and lively music, our Flip-Hop classes keep young dancers engaged and entertained while they learn.

– Physical Benefits: This class enhances flexibility, strength, and coordination, all while fostering a love for movement and rhythm.

Class Details:

– Duration: Classes are available in 45-minute and 1-hour sessions.
– Instructor: Taught by instructors who specialize in both hip-hop and tumbling, ensuring a safe and energetic learning environment.
– Location: Grand Island, NY
– Attire: Comfortable, flexible clothing suitable for dance and tumbling activities, along with sneakers.

Get Started:

Are your kids ready to bounce and tumble in a high-energy dance class? Enroll them in Flip-Hop today! Contact us for more details on registration and to explore our class schedules.Let your children experience the joy and energy of Flip-Hop at Step in Time Dance Studios!

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